There is no doubt that Star Wars has been gaining in popularity over the years. This movie franchise which started off in 1970’s and has been the inspiration for comic books, video games, and Lego sets, therefore making it the coolest party theme imaginable. With the release of the new movie, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, this December, there is no better time to host a Star Wars party- either at home or at the Stadium!

Here are some ideas that can help you plan the best Star Wars party ever!

A Few Weeks In Advance

  • Figure out your venue

If you will be screening a movie or movies, you will need a TV or projector. When hosting at home, create a “mini theater” in your living room, or plan the party for the evening when it’s dark outside and you can project it on a sheet outdoors. Also consider how much open space you will need for all of your planned activities and entertainment.

At the Stadium, we have a multimedia room that you can use to watch all the Star Wars action as well as a multi-use sports space.

  • Send out or deliver your invitations

Really hype up your guests by sending them Star Wars themed invitations that will have them excited and practicing their light saber skills. Make sure to add a note if you expect your guests to dress up!

A Week In Advance

  • Create your menu

Depending on what time of the day you are having this party and how long it is, you might be expected to serve anything from popcorn and “Yoda Soda” to a full lunch or dinner. This, of course, doesn’t mean that it has to be complicated as you can really serve anything. Adding fun “Star Wars” names to your dishes will make everything seem more attractive to our young Jedis. From “Chewbacca Chilli” to “Princess Leia Bun Sandwiches” made from bagels, and “Hans Solo Froyo”, you only really need to trigger your guests’ imaginations to achieve a create menu.

  • Confirm who is attending

Confirm the number of guests attending so that you know how much food to prepare as well as how many props you will need. If you are hosting it outside your home, call the venue and let them know what the final numbers are.

  • Create props

For a proper Star Wars party, you will need some weapons, so fix up some pool noodle light sabers, and some photo booth props. Our favorites are green Yoda ears, Princess Leia buns, and Darth Vader masks. No-sew Jedi costumes are also a fun touch for youngsters that are willing to get in the role. For a fun photo op, create a Star Wars branded backdrop, black with yellow stars and the Star Wars logo, or if it’s a birthday party, the name of the birthday boy or girl in Star Wars font.

  • Make favours

If some of the props that you created, like the light sabers or the Jedi outfits, are sturdy enough to last the party, offer them as keepsakes. If not, Ryan from tulsa shots, has some “out of this world” ideas for party favours.


Check Out These Cool Invitations

We have prepared a downloadable invitation that you can use specifically for Star Wars parties at The Stadium.

The day of

  • Serve food

You prepared as much of the food as you could beforehand, but there will be some last minutes tasks that you will have to do, including setting the table and staging the food. Don’t forget to add your awesome food labels so that everyone enjoys their Star Wars inspired meal.

  • Take photos

Since you spent all this time preparing your cool backdrop and fun props, make sure to take some great photos. Afterwards you can add an overlay or just directly upload them and send them via email or post them on Facebook.

  • Play activities

Other than watching some of the Star Wars movies and having your intergalactic feast, it is always fun to incorporate some games and activities. Start off with a Jedi- training camp, teaching all your mentees essential skills that they will need to fight the Dark Side. Once they have learned the basics, give them balloons that they have to keep up in the air with the light sabers that you made. Reward the most skilled Jedi! You can make and hang up a Death Star piñata that your army must destroy.

At the Stadium, you can schedule the laser tag arena for your party. Your guests will love having the place for themselves and battling each other with laser guns.

What The Stadium Can Do For You

If you decide to host your Star Wars Party at the Stadium, there are a few steps that you will not have to worry about- apart from cleaning and worrying about the entertainment and activities. We can offer you:


Be Remembered For Lightyears

  • Access to a party room with option to bring your own food, choose a catering service or let us just take care of everything!
  • A large multi-media room for playing movies or playing multiple player video games
  • Laser tag facility- both indoor and outdoor
  • A green screen for a photo backdrop- adaptable to whatever you would like, including Star Wars scenes
  • Open multi-use sporting space for any activities that you would like to do