Most of us can easily admit to living a sedentary lifestyle. We get out of our beds, roll into the car to get to school or work, and sit there all day. In the afternoon we get back into our cars, park in the driveway and sit at home for the rest of the day. This might be an oversimplification but many can admit to there being a grain of truth in this daily schedule.

Now is the time to make some life changes that will release the parking break on your life and get you moving! Leading an active lifestyle has a plethora of benefits for your health, well-being, and social health. The best part is that once you create these slight modifications, you will inspire others to do it too and eventually you will want to further challenge yourself to do more.

1. Start Walking and Biking

Is the weather nice out? Are you just popping out for some milk? Ditch the car and use your own two feet to get to your destination. Whether it’s meeting a friend for a weekend coffee or walking your toddler to preschool, get some fresh air and some vitamin D. It really doesn’t have to be painful or extremely time consuming. To give you an indication, the average person can cover 1 mile in 20 minutes, and in less than 30 minutes can cycle 5 miles at a leisurely pace. Still sceptical? Set Google maps to walking or cycling when typing in directions so that you can estimate how long the trip would take you by alternative transportation. You will be surprised by the speed with which you can conquer these distances, not mentioning the pleasure that you will receive from them. Did we mention that it also minimizes your ecological footprint and greenhouse gas output?

2. Stand instead of Sit

They say that sitting kills you. Well the truth is that it sort of does. Biological process take place while you are sitting that can give you a greater risk of obesity and related illnesses, like atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, etc. In contrast, standing burns 20% more calories, improves posture, allows for proper blood flow, and tones your muscles. That sounds good to us!

One change you can make to stand instead of sit is to ask for a stand/sit station at work. This will allow for you to adjust the height of your desk so that you can work at it sitting or standing. If that’s not an option, get up from your desk and take a little walk about every hour. Another change that is easy to make is to stand at home when watching TV or doing other leisurely activities.

3. Take the Stairs

Elevators are virtually present in every public access building over 1 story as well as multi-level offices and commercial centres. Thankfully that means that people that have problems with stairs or with walking, alternately are will strollers or heavy object, have a way to get between floors. Unfortunately, you see many able bodies members of society using elevators and escalators when they don’t need to.

Be brave and opt for the stairs! Climbing stairs is a great workout for your legs and glutes, as well as for raising your heart rate and putting you in the aerobic cardio zone! Take your time at first but then you can move onto doing 2 at a time or running them.

4. Pick up active hobbies

Exercise doesn’t have to be a boring chore that no one in their right mind would do. Broaden your mind and start looking for activities that force you to move. Whether that is starting to play regular soccer games with your friends, joining a group Zumba class, or catching a round of archery or laser tag- find something to get you off the couch! Don’t ever think of it as exercise, rather fun social activities with friends! See what the Stadium can offer you in terms of hobbies and activities that you can do alone or with a group.

You see? In 4 simple steps and with no to little effort, you have changed your life for the better!

What The Stadium Can Do For You


Exercise Your Body As Well As Your Brain

  • Join our in-house gym for a traditional workout or play a game of indoor soccer for some more social interaction. If it’s adrenaline you’re after, book a session of laser tag or archery tag- it’s sure to get your heart pounding from excitement!