Having fun at laser tag can be as simple as trying to tag as many people as possible without getting tagged yourself. But with a little imagination and a group willing to play along, you can play a ton of scenarios that will give some extra “oomph” to the game. Here are some games that our customers at The Stadium love to play!

1. Freeze Tag Game

This is the basic game in laser tag- basically every man for himself. Use your laser gun to shoot at the targets on the other players’ vests. This will immobilize them for some time as well as assign you point for hitting the mark. When the game time is up, the player with the most points is the winner. This makes for a very active game where you aren’t afraid to take your chances…but neither are your opponents….

2. Every Man for Himself

Similar to Freeze Tag, this version of this game has each player for himself, but with the added pressure of elimination as opposed to just freezing. Each player get the same number of “lives”. Once they are tagged more than that number, they are out of the game. The last player in the arena wins! This game builds concentration, as you want to be sure to hit some targets, but you are more conscious of being hit yourself, therefore balancing an offensive and defensive approach simultaneously.

3. Team Elimination

You will need two opposing teams for this version. In this game, each player is given the same number of “lives”, the number depending on the desired difficulty (the more advanced, the lesser the number of lives). The teams come up with a strategy in which they eliminate all the members of the other team before they they eliminate yours. The team with the last man standing wins!

4. Capture the Flag

Once again, two teams play this game. In Capture the Flag, each of the teams has a flag that they place on their side of the playing arena. They have time to strategize about protecting their flag from the other team while at the same time trying to steal the theirs. The difficult part is that you have a limited number of lives, so there will be a need for tactful ambushes, acts of sacrifice and skilled sniping. This game truly is one of skill as well as calculated thinking with the team.

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Laser Tag Games

At the Stadium, we have more than 30 different types of games that you can play in more than 3,000 sq ft of a maze-like arena that will have you thinking strategically, breathing quickly, and soaring on adrenaline. Choose the game that best suits your group or the series of individuals present. Your only complaint will be not knowing which to play next!