Finding interesting things to do on the weekend is easy in a place like Westlake. With the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles nearby and the tranquility of Westlake Village, everyone will find something that “floats their boat”.

However, when you want to have a memorable day with your kids, there are some additional things to consider like safety, bathroom access, age appropriateness and also whether or not they will find it fun! The great thing is that there is no place like Westlake when it comes to ensuring that your little people enjoy themselves. Here are 5 ideas that we have for family fun days in the area!

1. Have a picnic in Wildwood Park

Want to give your kids an appreciation for the beauty of nature? Take them to Wildwood Park where you can spend the day hiking and learning all about the flora and fauna of the area. Prepare a checklist of local plants and animals to look for. Your children will be paying attention to all the things they would have regularly just walk past. Give them the trail map and make them responsible for getting you to Paradise falls where you can have a picnic. While you rest and fuel up, stir their creativity by asking them to help you come up with a story about the waterfalls.

2. Bike over for frozen yogurt at Pinkberry

A bike ride should always have a delicious destination to motivate all going on the adventure. Plan a lengthy trip, either toting your tots on a bike addition, or if your kids are old enough, let them go on their own 2 wheels. Before you go, discuss cycling safety and explain that you will be going on a ride to a secret location. Take the scenic route to Pinkberry or a gelato parlour. Going out for frozen yogurt has never been such an adventure!

3. Go sailing or paddling on Westlake or the Ocean

A day out on the water is exciting for the entire family. Put those swimming lessons into context when you decide to go sailing, kayaking, or rowing out on Westlake or on the Ocean. The fresh air and the cool breeze are sure to be the perfect backdrop to a memorable day! If you don’t have your own vessel, there are a number of places where you can rent kayaks. Enquire about 2 person ones so that you can team up with your younger kids so that they feel safe and secure!

4. Grant R. Brimhall Library

Instill a passion for reading in your children. There is no better place to discover your love for literature than in Grant R. Brimhall Library, a space that is inspirational in so many ways. Apart from their large selection of books, CDs, DVDs, there are many interesting events like talks, movie showings, live music, and activities for a for people of all ages and interests. The facilities themselves are beautiful, with a saltwater fish tank, multiple gardens, a courtyard, and even a duck pond! Take the experience home with you by checking out a few books and movies to go. Follow up with a family reading night in a homemade fort or a movie night!

5. Spend the day at the Stadium

A day at the Stadium in Westlake is always one well spent! With a range of activities that will entertain everyone present, choose from games like laser tag, archery tag or even big screen video games! If you have enough for a team, bring the familia in for a game of indoor soccer, bound to get everyone moving. Otherwise an activity like laser tag or archery tag are perfect for bringing the family closer together and thinking like a team. Follow us on social media to keep informed on upcoming events and promotions!

What The Stadium Can Do For You


Exercise Your Body As Well As Your Brain

  • Join our in-house gym for a traditional workout or play a game of indoor soccer for some more social interaction. If it’s adrenaline you’re after, book a session of laser tag or archery tag- it’s sure to get your heart pounding from excitement!