Just because you can’t go out to the clubs doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun this year! The Stadium has some great ideas for those of you turning 20!

When you turn 21, it seems like the world is your oyster when it comes to birthday party venues. Everyone wants you to come to their bar, club, and even if you decide with a bash at home, no one has to worry about illegal alcohol consumers opening doors to cops.

However, that’s in a year, and for now you have to think of something awesome to do for your 20th birthday. You need an idea that all your closest friends will appreciate and have fun participating in. Nothing too baby-ish, too expensive, or too uncomfortably stuffy.

Well you’ve come to the right place! The Stadium is where the party is, whether you are turning 8 or retiring from a 45 year career. With such a range of activities under one roof and the possibility of reserving a party room, you will finally feel like you have too many options to choose from!

What defines you? Are you a star volleyball player? Perhaps a movie junkie?

If you are waiting for us to tell you that might be a problem, that’s not coming.

With indoor soccer fields, gym space, huge screens, a laser tag arena, an archery tag arena, and more, you can spend 5 birthdays here and still not experience all we have to offer. Here is some inspiration for Stadium parties that are great for 20 year olds!

Laser Tag: Running around in a dark maze with a gun, planning your next move while hoping that your friends are not going to confuse you with your enemies. Choose from different game modes, like human vs. zombie, capture the flag, or elimination tag. Have your party play against other people, or divide yourselves into two teams to play against each other. Want to make it even more intense? Set a theme and get your friends to dress up! How great would you look when you guys are dressed in all black like super agents or Marvel’s superheros?

Archery Tag: Didn’t you read the book?! In the  75th Hunger Games, tributes of all ages had to compete for their lives. We wonder how 20 year olds would do…

We will teach you the basic technique and then you are free to play the Stadium’s Archery Games, after which you might not live to have another birthday…

Just kidding, it’s perfectly safe!

Dodgeball: Take it back old school and challenge your friends to a dodgeball tournament. Warm up your arm and practise your jumps beforehand, you oldie, because you’ll need all your strength and agility! Show off your prowess and dig out that sweatband because it’s gonna get intense!

Bloopers: Have a “bloopers” party. Take turns filming the group, with a phone, a GoPro or a camera, as you participate in activities that the Stadium has. Then watch some of the funny highlights, like your friend getting an arrow to the behind, the least successful laser tag ambush, or the guy in net getting plowed down by an excited forward from the other team. We have a huge screen that you can display it on, so that everyone can witness the epicness!

There’s no party where there is no food! When you book a party room, we will arrange whatever food you would, unless you would like to sort this out yourself. You are free to make arrangements with your own caterer or bring in your own favourite snacks and beverages.

See, turning 20 isn’t so bad! Call up the Stadium and let’s see what we can do for you!

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We would be delighted to host your special event, birthday party or corporate outing and are confident that we can cater for all your requirements. We offer many packages to suit most budgets and can incorporate small to larger groups.