Are video games hindering the brain development of entire generations of Americans? Teams of researchers, educators, psychologists and parents have been trying to find the answer for years.

Are you ready for the simple answer?

It’s a NO. Video games do NOT shrink brains into dry, little raisins.


Well, there are a few reasons and actually some benefits to spending some time playing video games.


You have bad guys racing after you, it seems like they want to get you stuck in a dead-end street, and the time is ticking before the bomb in your car explodes. Oh, and the bridge you just took to get here collapsed.

This is just a snapshot of the complicated scenarios that players are faced with in some games. They are constantly multi-tasking, processing new data, and making quick decisions, acting the entire time. There is no stopping!

Parents, take note! Next time you hear that they can’t “do two things at once”, you have ammunition!


Many games require you to move around an area, whether it is a track, a building or a bigger area. That means that in addition to what the environment in which “character” online is located, there is usually a map showing the lay of the land or a zoomed out view. This gets the players thinking about directions, strategizing about how to get there, etc.

Take advantage of this next time you are lost when you’re driving Junior to his soccer tournament!

Motor Control

When a player is engaged in a game, in order to do well, their brain has to quickly interpret what is happening on screen, and react physically to it, whether that is through a hand controller or a different device if it is a virtual reality game. This develops reflexes, and coordinated responses to simulated situations.

This means you can start throwing those PB sandwiches as they are running out the door in the mornings and should be actually be able to catch them.*

And though too much of anything is not a good thing, spending some time every week playing video games will not hurt your child’s brain- if anything it will help develop some parts of it.

If you are worried about their social interactions though, bring them to The Stadium, where they can play with others on the big screens and even sample some virtual reality games.

Visit our website for more information about gaming at The Stadium.

* This is under the assumption that you also play video games and can throw accurately

What The Stadium Can Do For You



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