Don’t you wish that you could just play pickup soccer any night of the week?

You missed our Wednesday drop-in soccer night because [ insert excuse], and you can’t imagine waiting a full week to play on the field again.

No waiting. No problem.

The Stadium is introducing a system in which interested players can self-organize games, teams, and more on a Facebook group page, and then call The Stadium to book our Indoor FIFA Pro 2 turf. This will also be a forum where we can share relevant news, create soccer-related events, and just connect with other soccer-crazy people who want to play as much as possible.

Sounds interesting?

These are the 6 simple steps to organizing a pick up soccer game at The Stadium.

1. Join the “Westlake Soccer at The Stadium” Facebook Group

Click on the link above to come to our Facebook group. It is a private group because we don’t want any spammers, just real people who want to play. Request membership and we will give you access ASAP!

2. Post about wanting to play

If you would like to play on a Friday night or you have a gap in your schedule on some other day, post about wanting to play on a certain date. Try to be as specific as possible about the time, so that you won’t have to backtrack and figure this out later. The earlier you post, the greater of a chance that you will find willing players.

3. Wait for a Response

Give people a chance to check their availability and then reply to your proposed date and time. For our indoor soccer field, you will need 5 players per side, so a total of 10. But it never hurts to have 1-2 extras incase something happens last minute or just to have a substitute.

4. Call The Stadium to Book

Give The Stadium a call to book the field for your agreed upon time.

5. Lace up and Show up

Lace up your indoor soccer cleats and show up. You can meet with your fellow players in the foyer, split the rental payment, and then play!

6. Don’t forget to post evidence

Post some pictures on the FB group and on Instagram to share your experiences at The Stadium. It’s always nice to put a face to a name and to build a community around the best sport of all time, SOCCER.

Don’t wait for drop-in Wednesdays, just round up your fellow Stadium soccer fans and get on the field!

Let The Games Begin!


Exercise Your Body As Well As Your Brain

Our venue is perfect for group games, pick up soccer, coaching and individual training. We also have a state-of-the-art gym and personal fitness agility zone. You can use our in-house trainers or bring your own coach, as we want you to achieve the best results – and have fun. We are totally unaffiliated to any club and welcome all club players and coaches to join us.