You’re looking to impress your friends with your amazing laser tag skills. There’s just one thing holding you back:

You don’t have any.

Don’t panic just yet. Laser tag is what we do, so trust us when we say you can do it. Go armed into battle with our 5 top tips for a better laser tag experience, guaranteed to keep you ahead of the rest of the players.

1. Keep Moving

The worst thing you can do in the laser tag arena is stand still. We understand that a few minutes into combat you might be tired. In that case, find a good vantage point from where you can snipe yet stay protected while you catch your breath. Otherwise, keep walking, running, and rolling because as you will find out quickly enough yourself, it is MUCH harder to hit a moving target than a static one.

2. Understand the Surroundings

As soon as possible, learn the layout of the arena. Scout out locations which provide excellent vantage points, areas to stay away from because they are too open, as well as potential “rest” areas. Do a run through early on, and as mentioned earlier, keep moving!

3. Quantity not Quality

Unless you are a trained sniper, you’ll probably collect more points by shooting more at a general target than by pausing to line up an accurate shot. In this game, quantity definitely trumps precision, so time to get trigger happy and keep moving!

4. Move Sideways

Protect yourself by moving sideways with your shoulder leading the way and your head turned towards it. This will minimize the area that oncoming players have to shoot at. Either shuffle like a crab or practise the grapevine you’ve been learning at the club’s country nights.

5. Wear Dark and Comfortable Clothes

In a scenario where all the lights are off and only illumination is from laser guns and the black light glow, you’ll want to avoid wearing light colors- especially white. Your best defense is wearing all-black clothes and comfortable black shoes. Remember that this game is dynamic and you will be likely ducking, running, crouching, jumping and maybe even rolling. Your outfit needs to allow for that, suit jackets, stilettos, and super tight jeans might not be a good “fit” for laser tag.

Keep these 5 tips in mind while you’re in the laser tag arena, and you’ll already be leagues ahead of all your friends. No one will believe you when you say that you’ve only played a few times before, or never at at! Don’t believe us? Come test it for yourself at The Stadium!

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