It might not be elegant or high tech, but the truth is that jump rope is one of the most effective – and probably underused – workouts.

It just works. Why? Because you’re using every muscle in your body while doing it – from the balls of your feet, your calves, arms to your CORE.  As your movement is coming from the wrist, you’re moving faster than when running.

Here are our basic rules of jump-roping:

#1 Get the Right Length

Like with most sports, having the right size and length equipment is essential. How to know what size you need? Just follow these steps:

  • step on the middle of the rope and stretch the top of the handles toward your armpit – they should touch them
  • make sure your handle is not flimsy so you can grasp it properly.

#2 Choose the Right Floor.

The type of floor you’re jumping on matters. Wood is the best as it’s elastic and kind to your knees, while cement is hard. You can also try indoor-outdoor carpet or a low cut rug, even the grass.

#3 Wear the Right Footware.

Make sure your feet are looked after – wear cross training sneakers or slide a gel insert into the front to protect the balls of your feet.

#4 Wear the Right Clothes.

Sometimes the rope can hit your body, especially when trying out new moves, so make sure you wear thicker leggings. You can even wrap a sweater around your waste to give that extra padding to your hips area.

#5 Listen to Music.

Start your jumping adventure with your favorite song – simply jump for the length of the song.  Later on, when you’ve mastered the jumping, turn the music off so you can fully concentrate on the moves. But it definitely helps you get started!

Lastly, have fun with it. Try different moves, floors and routines, and figure out what works for you.


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