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The Stadium FIFA 16 Review

Hey soccer crazies! If you love the beautiful game as much as we do at The Stadium Westlake, we have created the perfect environment with our indoor FIFA Pro 2 soccer arena and of course our gaming hub where you can play FIFA 16 to your heart’s content. Just imagine yourself running to the corner, [...]

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Archery Tag For The Family

Archery Tag for the Family - Benefits for Individuals and for the Group Archery tag, a novelty sport that is quickly becoming very popular amongst all demographics, especially thanks to books and movies like the Hunger Games, the Hobbit, and more. However, this form of entertainment is no passing fad. Did you know [...]

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Why Laser Tag Is The Ultimate Family Activity

Laser tag is the ultimate family activity and we think it should be on your schedule for this weekend here in Westake Village. 1. (Almost) Everyone can play Anyone over the age of 6 can partake in a round of laser tag. The equipment is not heavy or clunky, meaning that even small hands can [...]

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Benefits of Exercising with Jump Rope

It might not be elegant or high tech, but the truth is that jump rope is one of the most effective - and probably underused - workouts. It just works. Why? Because you're using every muscle in your body while doing it - from the balls of your feet, your calves, arms to your CORE. [...]

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Top Birthday Party Themes at The Stadium

Birthday parties is what we do and love doing.  Though no two parties are ever the same at The Stadium, there are some awesome themes that we have seen a few times that were huge successes with the kids (and parents). Here’s a list of our top birthday party themes. Kick it with [...]

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Banana Peanut Butter Chocolate Smoothie

This easy, five ingredient banana peanut butter chocolate smoothie has a thick, creamy texture and tons of chocolate + peanut butter flavor!  It is also remarkably versatile - a perfectly healthy breakfast, our go-to snack, post-work out treat or a dessert.  Frozen bananas provide an ice cream-like base, dates lend their sweetness, almond milk brings extra [...]

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Laser Tag for Beginners: 5 Tips that will Dramatically Improve Your Laser Tag Skills

You’re looking to impress your friends with your amazing laser tag skills. There’s just one thing holding you back: You don’t have any. Don’t panic just yet. Laser tag is what we do, so trust us when we say you can do it. Go armed into battle with our 5 top tips for a better [...]

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Bachelorette Party – The Stadium Style

Bachelorette Party out in Vegas isn’t your thing? No, not ours either. When it comes to celebrating the strong bond between women, and having a memorable “last hurrah” before the wedding, we like to think that we can offer something much better than Vegas. The Bachelorette- The Stadium Style! If pretending you’re the heroic [...]

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bar: The Stadium Protein Bar

The Stadium Protein Bar! Our secret recipe to an amazing workout Fuel your passion with food that delivers a serious punch - both nutritionally and in terms of flavor, such as The Stadium Protein Bar - an incredible DIY chocolate peanut butter protein bar. True athletes are serious about everything they do...and about [...]

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How to Organize a Pick Up Soccer Game at The Stadium

Don't you wish that you could just play pickup soccer any night of the week? You missed our Wednesday drop-in soccer night because [ insert excuse], and you can’t imagine waiting a full week to play on the field again. No waiting. No problem. The Stadium is introducing a system in which interested players can [...]

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