Teen Soccer – Basic Skills

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Soccer players need, apart from the passion for the sport, a bunch of skills to play soccer like a pro. One particular set of skills is a must-have for every self respecting soccer player out [...]

The Stadium FIFA 16 Review

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Hey soccer crazies! If you love the beautiful game as much as we do at The Stadium Westlake, we have created the perfect environment with our indoor FIFA Pro 2 soccer arena and of course [...]

Archery Tag For The Family

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Archery Tag for the Family - Benefits for Individuals and for the Group Archery tag, a novelty sport that is quickly becoming very popular amongst all demographics, especially thanks to books and movies [...]

Why Laser Tag Is The Ultimate Family Activity

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Laser tag is the ultimate family activity and we think it should be on your schedule for this weekend here in Westake Village. 1. (Almost) Everyone can play Anyone over the age of 6 can [...]

Benefits of Exercising with Jump Rope

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It might not be elegant or high tech, but the truth is that jump rope is one of the most effective - and probably underused - workouts. It just works. Why? Because you're using every [...]

Top Birthday Party Themes at The Stadium

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Birthday parties is what we do and love doing.  Though no two parties are ever the same at The Stadium, there are some awesome themes that we have seen a few times that were [...]