FIFA Soccer Party at the Stadium

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Have you been ever thought of how awesome a FIFA Soccer themed party would be? Wait, do you mean one with the video game or one with real soccer? At The Stadium, you don't have to [...]

Family Reunions from Home

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Hide all fragile house ware, scour your bathroom floor, and plug in all those slow cookers full of chilli. The family is coming. Along with happy smiles, long-overdue life updates and memorable bonding time, [...]

Turning 20 at the Stadium!

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Just because you can't go out to the clubs doesn't mean that you can't have fun this year! The Stadium has some great ideas for those of you turning 20! When you turn [...]

Top 5 Things to do with Kids in Westlake

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Finding interesting things to do on the weekend is easy in a place like Westlake. With the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles nearby and the tranquility of Westlake Village, everyone will find something [...]

9 Warm-ups Every Soccer Player (& not only) Should Know

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Warming up is an essential component of participating in sports like soccer or any other physical activity. It gets your joints warmed up, your blood circulating better, and it delivers essential nutrients with oxygen [...]

Laser Tag Game Ideas

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Having fun at laser tag can be as simple as trying to tag as many people as possible without getting tagged yourself. But with a little imagination and a group willing to play along, you [...]