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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you provide ice?
We provide about half a bag (starter ice) and a cooler. Anything more you must bring.
What happens if my # of kids increases?
It will bump you up to the next price tier which we take the difference of when you pay the rest of the balance on the day of the party.
What do you provide?
We provide all the basic necessities: basic party decorations, plates, utensils, 1 cooler, starter ice, a cake cutter, lighter. (they must request cups or cake candles if they want them.
I want to do 3 activities/ another party I went to did 3 activities
It depends on the host, if there' s a party before or after your party, and how much time is spent in each activity. If absolutely need 3, time will be cut in the other activities to accommodate.
My party is a certain theme. Can you do __ decorations?
We provide basic decoration colors and generic birthday themes. If you want to bring in your own themed decorations, you absolutely can. (must request if they want a certain color.
Is alcohol allowed?
Yes, but you must supply and serve it yourselves. (legally we cannot)
An extra sibling/ parent will be coming. Will that increase my head count?
If they just hang out in the party room/ lounge area, or just play a couple games of laser tag, they are not counted in the # of participants.
Can parents come and watch?
We provide about half a bag (starter ice) and a cooler. Anything more you must bring.
Should I tell you what I want from Ameci' s now?
We order the pizza on the day of the party once the guests have arrived since we will not know how many people will be eating until then.
What if the parents do not fill out the waiver online before the party?
They can fill one out when the drop off their child on the day of the party.
I' m not sure which tier I' m going to be in for price. Which one should I pay for now?
Always stick the lower tier since we do not drop tiers, we only go up.
Is it ok to hang out once the party is over?
If we have parties before and after yours, for smoother transitions and less chaos, it is best for you to leave when the party is over. (if there is nothing after their party they can for a little bit but not too long)
I have an ice cream cake, is there somewhere to put it?
We have a freezer we can store ice cream in
When should i confirm the # of people/ other details?
A week away at the latest.