Birthday parties is what we do and love doing. 

Though no two parties are ever the same at The Stadium, there are some awesome themes that we have seen a few times that were huge successes with the kids (and parents). Here’s a list of our top birthday party themes.

Kick it with Soccer

Soccer themed parties are FUN. Kids can show off their skills and play with their friends on our FIFA2 turf. Following some field time, the party moves to the private party room that has been decked out in soccer decorations that get the kids even more excited. Want to go the extra mile? Spend some time in the Gaming Zone playing the FIFA soccer game. Check out our blog post on How to Plan a FIFA party for more details.

Laser Tag Fun

Kids love laser tag. Coupled with video gaming, it is guaranteed success. First, kids explore the fog-filled, black light-illuminated arena complete with plenty of hiding places. When it’s time to take a break, they come to our gaming zone to play a wide range of games that we offer.

“It was fun for the kids! Went there for a birthday celebration – laser tag and video gaming can’t beat that!!” (Dionna Dawson)

“It was fun for the kids! Went there for a birthday celebration – laser tag and video gaming can’t beat that!!”
Dionna Dawson
“My 8 year old daughter loved the laser tag and is still talking about it. It was her first time playing and I think she is now hooked. We will definitely be back! Beautiful facility & set up with excellent customer service.”

Celebrate Princesses

The Stadium is the perfect venue for a Princess to celebrate her birthday, believe it or not! Lately, princesses like Elsa and Anna are pretty confident no matter where they are and what they are doing. We see our Princesses loving laser tag or archery tag as much as anyone (or perhaps more). So after a few rounds of activities, our little ladies retire to their decorated “great hall” for some snacks and cake.

Play Hunger Games

Bring fantasy to life with a Hunger Game Themed Birthday Party. The Stadium becomes the arena in which our Archery games commence and are played out. Thankfully all of the guests manage to survive and are invited to feast in the host’s private party room.

Grown-ups Can Have Fun, Too!

A party created with adults in mind, you’ll have more than a good time. The Stadium’s team has developed a laughter-guarantee party itinerary that will have you wishing the night would never end. You are never too old to have a blast at The Stadium, and believe us when we say it has a different vibe after hours when the only kids in the laser tag maze are the ones that are 18+.

Here’s what some more of our guests say:

“Simply put: this place is AMAZING!

Thank you for making it one of the best days for our son and his friends.”

Chris, son’s 7th birthday

If you would like to host your party at The Stadium, give us a call!

With laser tag, indoor soccer, e-sports, archery tag and dodgeball, The Stadium offers plenty to keep kids and adults busy. And the best part is that there is no clean up, no fuss, simply great memories to take away!