Archery Tag for the Family – Benefits for Individuals and for the Group

Archery tag, a novelty sport that is quickly becoming very popular amongst all demographics, especially thanks to books and movies like the Hunger Games, the Hobbit, and more. However, this form of entertainment is no passing fad.

Did you know that archery tag improves concentration, strength, reflexes, strategic thinking and it’s an awesome work out?  

Make Archery tag part of your family’s list of hobbies because it has a multitude of benefits for both individual members and for your whole clan.

Individual Benefits:

1. Improves concentration

When you use a bow and arrow, there’s a lot of multitasking that you have to do. In addition to getting the handle of the actual technique of sending the arrow forward instead of just having them fall to the ground, the player is also on a battlefield, meaning that you need to keep covered, make attacks and be constantly moving. You will really need to focus and concentrate on the task at hand, or else you will be an easy target during the game.

2. Strength

Though the bow and arrow aren’t extremely heavy and do not need a huge amount of strength- you will be feeling your arms and shoulders the next day. Carrying your bow throughout the game and then using your strength to draw your arrow back will seem difficult at the moment, but you might feel tired once the round is over. That means that you are increasing your upper body strength.

3. Reflexes

Dodging arrows and jumping out from behind barriers, you will really hone into your natural reflexes after a few rounds of archery tag. You’ll learn to be quick in your mind and on your feet.

4. Strategic thinking

Archery is about speed, agility, precision, and strength, but it is also a strategic activity. Players will learn to make smart decisions about when and how to attack an enemy player without revealing themselves or how to quickly get two hits in succession.

5. Work out!

Keep active in an exciting way, without the boring treadmill or lifting weights. You won’t even realize how much exercise you are getting and how much you are moving until you are done.

See how archery tag can change your family dynamics and develop skills in each member individually. Give us a shot and visit the Stadium for quality time spent with your family – without eye rolling or yawns.

“Simply put: this place is AMAZING!

Thank you for making it one of the best days for our son and his friends.”

Chris, son’s 7th birthday

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