Hey soccer crazies! If you love the beautiful game as much as we do at The Stadium Westlake, we have created the perfect environment with our indoor FIFA Pro 2 soccer arena and of course our gaming hub where you can play FIFA 16 to your heart’s content.

Just imagine yourself running to the corner, and after looking for your teammate’s in front of the net, you close your eyes and take it all in. The smell of sweat, the nervous anticipation of the crowd and the gravity of the kick you’re about to take. Eyes open, you kick, 4 seconds later Alan Smith announces “GOAL, what an incredible goal!” Moments later you’re huddling with your team, celebrating, and Ronaldo has taken off his shirt. Classic.

The great news is that FIFA 16 became more realistic than ever. With quick and accurate passes, exciting midfield play and a tightened up defensive line, it almost transports you into the actual game.

The field’s tournament environment, including the immersive sights, sounds, and unbelievably quick and accurate commentary has you borderline uncomfortable. Are they playing with my mind? How did they know that I was going to do that? You might say that this was already the case with earlier versions of the game, and truthfully the improvements in FIFA 16 were not groundbreaking, but enough to keep our brains confused about what is going on.

FIFA 2016 brought the end to the end-to-end exciting plays that had all of us spilling our beers over. It has also ushered in the era of realism, not only in graphics, but in term of game play and control ratios. More of the game is played out in midfield, not just in front of the nets, but that doesn’t mean that FIFA has reverted back to the slow pace of 2013 and 2014. The pace has been cranked up high, it’s just the number of shots on goal have been toned down to reflect a real FIFA level game, and less of a Little League practise in which the end score is 20-15. This isn’t basketball.

Now let’s speak modes. In the FIFA 2016’s engineers developed some serious soccer fan crack. The addictiveness of the newly redone Ultimate Team mode is something that everyone must take into careful consideration before sitting down to play. Ultimate Team FUT Draft mode lets you put your own team together and drill them before entering them into 4-game tournaments. That might not be that revolutionary of a concept, but the fact that the team benefits from these practises and drills and that time spent on your team is reflected on the field, is. Grow the cohesiveness and chemistry of the team with hints from the game and see the effects of our labour in the matches. And the iOS iteration is a masterstroke and keeps you close to the game when you’re away from the console.

Career mode is realistically the same, just with new players which, for the first time, were voted on by the public. This is also the first version where you will be able to play as a female athlete. Obviously FIFA is appealing to the masses here with their “democratic” approach, but with strong competitors like Pro Evolution, they must have felt they needed to become the “people’s game.”

And that’s where you score, FIFA, because that’s exactly what soccer is.

So what can we look forward to in the soon up-and-coming FIFA 17? Will VR be incorporated into the XBox version? What about the players? Will Messi still be on the cover?

Most importantly, what is on your wishlist for FIFA 17?

Well, come September, all will be revealed and you rest assured that we will be the first to upgrade so you can come down and try out the game at our gaming zone in Westlake Village.


Come and practice your skills!

Come to The Stadium and try out our indoor FIFA Pro 2 soccer field and our e-sports gaming zone in which you can enjoy hours of group play in a state-of-the-art interactive setup.